1 – Introduction

In my 16+ years of work in Information Technology industry so far, I have been across different countries, domains and roles. Starting as a Mainframe Programmer Analyst, I moved on to specialize in Database Administration and then tried my hand at Project / Program Management. But the search has been on to find something more fulfilling, something that will make me look forward to work every morning when I wake up, something that will allow me to finish every day with the satisfaction that I did something passionately and not just 8 hours of job for a living..

To state the obvious, “data” has been the buzzword in the recent times. “Statistics” and “Analytics” have been the most sought after skills. My instinct told me that the mathematical and puzzle solving elements in this domain will rekindle the spark in me and take me more into the zone I was looking for.

In May 2016 I decided to take the plunge and started planning my road map. Since then, I have gone past a few little milestones. I have completed 6 months of Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence in Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. It looks all set for me to graduate in mid 2017. I have undergone a SAS training in “Predictive Modelling” using SAS Enterprise Guide & SAS Enterprise Miner products. I completed the relevant certification exam to become a “SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 13”. I have completed a 5-day course on “Advanced Business Analytics using R” at IIT, Hyderabad. Through this journey I have done a handful of academic case studies using R, SAS and SPSS in Predictive Modelling, Segmentation etc.

I am getting to yet another goal in my checklist now. That is to start writing blogs to share my learning with friends as well as make it more enriching for myself.

People say God takes avatars periodically to clean up the world and make a fresh start. I do not know when God is planning for his next avatar. But, for now, “Data Avatar” is well and truly taking the world over. Intuition or experience based sinful decisions of the past are becoming a history. The only way to derive pure insights for the future is through a humble complete surrender to this avatar. When the avatar decides to do a clean up, only those who decided to take the holy dip and reached a statistically significant level of data enlightenment will be spared. Rest might be in for a rude shock !

Well, that is enough of frightening πŸ˜› You are welcome to join in my learning journey. Happy Reading !!!


6 thoughts on “1 – Introduction

  1. Arul, Having known you for about ten years, as a mentor, colleague and friend its gives me immense pleasure to read your blog… good luck with your new avatar… And have a happy Writing : )


  2. Arul- I thourughly enjoyed reading your first blog. Change is the Only constant. And you have always kept yourself updated/ learning to embrace the change that’s coming. Way to go. all the Best on this new Avatar . Looking forward to reading more blogs from you .


  3. Very nice Arul. As they say ” Knowledge is the Ultimate Competitive Advantge ” in any field and you are well on your way and in a right direction. Intution still has benefits especially when one creates products which never existed before. Looking forward to more Writeups


    1. In case of product launches we can use analytics to work out the target market segment, what kind of competition we are up against, whether the market is spread across many brands or are there just a couple of players dominating the segment, what is the estimated profit, what is the advertising strategy and how do we intend consumers to perceive our product, etc. For completely new ideas where there is no history data to analyze, we can go for surveys to benchmark consumer acceptance and purchase potential or choose to do a pilot launch to study results before going full scale.

      In essence, we do not intend to undermine the importance of intuition in coming up with new ideas. Rather, we are putting it through analytics to take our decisions forward in a measured way.

      I will look to cover these applications in later blogs.


  4. Hi Arul, nice to see your new start as a blogger. Also it is great thing that you sharing your knowledge to educate others. Knowledge is power and you are part of spreading it. Good luck buddy


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