Dynamic title in Power BI

The actual title field in format area for a Power BI chart only allows for a static title. There are other posts in the internet about how to make a Card act like a title that is dynamic. Still, I thought I will write this blog to cover everything I wanted in one place. Measure: […]

Data Visualization in Analytics

New age Data Visualization products are intuitive and easy to use. They are fairly simple to learn for non-technical business users and novice data analysts. They provide the ability to connect to varied data sources in a static / live mode. They can leverage on statistical programming languages like R & Python to integrate more […]

15 – Probability – Bayes Rule

In the previous post on Probability we looked at terms like Joint Probability, Multiplication Rule & Conditional Probability. Let us extend on this understanding and learn Bayes Rule in this post. Formula & Description: The formula for Bayes Rule is which expands to Events: E1 through En represent n Events. “A” represents one of the […]