Data Visualization in Analytics

New age Data Visualization products are intuitive and easy to use. They are fairly simple to learn for non-technical business users and novice data analysts. They provide the ability to connect to varied data sources in a static / live mode. They can leverage on statistical programming languages like R & Python to integrate more […]

15 – Probability – Bayes Rule

In the previous post on Probability we looked at terms like Joint Probability, Multiplication Rule & Conditional Probability. Let us extend on this understanding and learn Bayes Rule in this post. Formula & Description: The formula for Bayes Rule is which expands to Events: E1 through En represent n Events. “A” represents one of the […]

13 – Introduction to Probability

Probability is another very integral subject when it comes to analytics. The significance of variables or features used in a model, significance of relationship between variables & significance of a statistical model are all represented in terms of “p” values. Deep understanding of probability is key to setting up a hypothesis, building models and interpreting […]